INTACT: The Unmodified Body

I am currently writing a book titled Intact: The Unmodified Body, to be published by Allen Lane.

Intact will investigate the philosophical and political significance of leaving the body unmodified, in the context of ever-increasing practices of modification. Philosophically, it will investigate concepts such as the natural body, wholeness and purity, bodily integrity, and the body as canvas. Politically, it will engage with the political significance of modification and its refusal or prohibition, including whether there are grounds for proscribing or regulating some forms of modification in the name of protecting the unmodified body.

Intact will show that leaving one’s body unmodified is a politically significant act. The pressures to modify are so intense that having a completely unmodified body is virtually impossible. We face overwhelming pressure to change our bodies: to conceal the realities of ageing, to disguise the distinctive features of disability and disfigurement, to perfect our complexion or our waistline or our muscle tone. In this context, refusing even some practices of modification can be an act of rebellion.

At the same time, the concept of the unmodified body is extremely hard to grasp: so hard, in fact, that we might conclude that the unmodified body is a fiction. Does a defence of the unmodified body idealise the impossible? An attempt to give substance to the idea of the unmodified body produces a number of imperfect proxies. Intact discusses three such proxies: the natural body, the normal body, and the sexed body. Intact aims to find a way to defend the unmodified body without fetishizing it. Along the way, I investigate practices as diverse as reconstructive surgery, anti-ageing treatments, and bodybuilding.