Clare Chambers is Reader in Political Philosophy and Fellow of Jesus College, University of Cambridge.

I am a political philosopher specialising in feminist philosophy, contemporary liberalism, theories of social justice, and social construction, especially the following topics:

Feminism: the body, beauty and appearance norms, cosmetic surgery, personal relationships, marriage, parenthood, liberal feminism, radical feminism, the work of Andrea Dworkin and Catharine MacKinnon.
Liberalism: autonomy, choice, consent, distributive equality, equality of opportunity, multiculturalism, religion, global justice, liberal feminism, political v comprehensive v perfectionist liberalism, public reason, the work of John Rawls.
Social construction: social norms, the limitations of choice, genealogy, social practices, gender, culture, religion, the work of Michel Foucault and Pierre Bourdieu.

Against Marriage
An Egalitarian Defence of the Marriage-Free State
(Oxford University Press, 2017)


Sex, Culture, and Justice
The Limits of Choice

(Penn State University Press, 2008) 


Teach Yourself Political Philosophy
A Complete Introduction

with Phil Parvin (Hodder, 2012)


I have also written numerous articles and chapters on political philosophy and make regular media appearances.

You can also find me on wikipedia, twitter and academia.edu.