Seminar in Contemporary Political Thought (MT 2014)

University-Cambridge-logo.jpg.pagespeed.ce.XYF4Slmu5oFaculty of Philosophy and POLIS

Convenors: Dr Clare Chambers (Philosophy) and Dr Duncan Bell (POLIS)

The seminars take place on alternate Fridays between 1.00-2.30pm in the Coleridge Room, Jesus College. All are welcome.

Michaelmas Term 2014

10th October (week 1)
Miriam Ronzoni, University of Manchester
“Republicanism and Global Politics: Three Requirements in Tension”

24th October (week 3)
Elizabeth Frazer, University of Oxford
“Reading Shakespeare Politically”

7th November (week 5)
Tracy Strong, UC San Diego
“Where Do We Find Ourselves? Hawthorne and the Actuality of Political Space”

21st November (week 7)
Moya Lloyd, Loughborough University
“Naming Absence: The Politics of Body Counts”

Seminar in Contemporary Political Thought (LT 2014)

The seminars  take place on Fridays between 1.00-2.30pm in the Coleridge Room, Jesus College. All are welcome.

 17th January
Christian List, LSE: Theory Construction in Political Theory: A Philosophy-of-Science Perspective

31st January
Sarah Fine, King’s College, London: Migration and Distributive Justice

14th February
Moya Loyd, Loughborough University: Deaths That Matter: Critical Reflections on the Politics of Mourning and the Limits of Human Belonging

 28th February
Matt Kramer, University of Cambridge: Torture, Morality, and Law


Seminar in Contemporary Political Thought (MT 2013)

The seminars will take place on Fridays between 1.00-2.30pm in the Coleridge Room, Jesus College. All are welcome.
Convenors: Dr Clare Chambers (Philosophy) and Dr David Blunt (POLIS)

 11th October
 Jules Holroyd, University of Nottingham: Moral and Institutional Desert

 25th October
 Ben Colburn, University of Glasgow: Beneficence and Blackmail

8th November
Alex Voorhoeve, LSE: How Should We Aggregate Competing Claims?

 22nd November
Catriona McKinnon, University of Reading: Crimes Against Humanity, and Future People

Andrea Dworkin Commemorative Conference (2006)

The Andrea Dworkin Commemorative Conference was held at the Centre for the Study of Social Justice (CSSJ), University of Oxford, in 2006. You can hear the podcasts of the day here, with thanks to the CSSJ for allowing them to be posted.

Session 1:

Sheila Jeffreys, “Not just about pornography: the radical politics of Andrea Dworkin”
Alison Assiter, “Pornography: its significance for feminism”

Session 2:

Finn McKay, “Prostitution and Andrea Dworkin’s relevance to young feminists”
Valerie Bryson, “Andrea Dworkin, feminist political thought, and the role of men”

Session 3:

Michael Moorcock, “Andrea Dworkin’s fiction”
Julie Bindel, “Myths about Andrea Dworkin”
John Stoltenberg, “What Andrea knew about her work”

Plenary session:

Professor Catharine A. MacKinnon, “Going Her Own Way”